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Spotii - FAQ

Below FAQ are some common concerns of our customers
If you have other questions, please just send it to info@perfumegallery.ae.

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Spotii - Split Your Payment in 3

Spotii is a tech payments platform for Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle brands that empowers you to Shop Now and Pay Later over four instalments with absolutely zero interest or cost.
Select Spotii on checkout and we split your total purchase into three equal instalments. The first instalment (1/3) is processed immediately and the merchant ships your purchase to you.

Select a biweekly or monthly payment plan for the remaining three instalments. You do not pay any interest or fees if you make your payments on time.

You can sign up either at spotii.com or as you checkout. Simple, right? You only need a valid:
• UAE phone number
• Emirates ID
• Debit or Credit card

To use Spotii, you must be 18 years or above, and have a valid UAE phone number and Emirates ID.
You will also need to have a valid email address as well as an active payment method ready at checkout. Spotii accept all major debit and credit cards.
Spotii empowers you to shop when you want, without the added pain of ridiculous interest charges or processing fees. You get to choose your payback schedule and pay nothing extra if you stick to that schedule

The first payment will be collected when you place the order, representing 33.33 of the total order cost. You then get to choose to pay back the remaining balance in equal instalments, either every two weeks or every month thereafter. You can manage your orders by logging into your account.

Spotii understands that data security is of utmost importance, so we do not store any sensitive payment information. Our systems undergo comprehensive scans and security audits to ensure your data is safe, adhering to the highest international standards
We always need to have a valid payment method linked to your account. A first-time customer will have to attach a debit or credit card at checkout to complete a purchase. You can attach a card by clicking on the “Attach Card” button on your screen. You won’t be allowed to complete the purchase without a valid payment method. Returning customers can choose to use the previously attached card for payment or add a new card. You can always manage your payments by navigating to Settings in customer accounts
• Sign in to Spotii
• Navigate to Settings
• Look for Payment Methods
Of course! As long as the total amount at checkout does not exceed your specific spending limit, you can buy as many items as you like. Remember, we only handle your payments. The items and their respective shipments will be dependent on the merchant and product availability.
As soon as you miss a payment with us, we will have to disable any further purchases through Spotii. We are committed to responsible spending at Spotii. A missed payment signals something is wrong. In order to reactivate your account, you will have to clear the instalment and the nominal fixed late fee charged before resuming using Spotii. Remember, Spotii is completely free to use as long as the payments are made on time. If you are facing hardship, we have a hardship policy that allows us to work with you to get you back on track.
You can select your preferred payment plan at the time of purchase, either biweekly or monthly. Unfortunately, this cannot be changed at a later stage. If you are facing financial hardship, please reach out to us.
We accept all major debit and credit cards. At this time, prepaid cards are not accepted.
If you are a first-time customer, you need to attach a valid credit or debit card at checkout to complete your purchase. Returning customers can choose to use a previously attached card for payment or add a new card if needed. When you click on Attach Card or Add New Payment, you will be directed to the same page to add your card details. You can also add a new card from Settings in your account
• Sign in to Spotii
• Navigate to Settings
• Click on ‘Payment Methods’ in Settings
• Click on ‘Add New Card’ You can also select an order from ‘My Orders’ in the Customer Portal and attach a new card.
Yes! You can pay any time before the due date at no additional cost. Prepaying improves your payment history with us and could lead to higher spending limits. Prepay by choosing the Pay Now feature in My Orders. You can prepay any instalment at any time without any fees.
Yes! We will send you a friendly email reminder 24 hours before we collect any instalment. In addition, our email contains an easy link to change the payment method if you need to do so.
Spotii displays your order history in a convenient way, allowing you to check your payment history and remaining balances at any time. To check instalment related information please follow these instructions: • Sign in into Spotii
• On the Customer Dashboard you can see the next instalment amount and your order date or…
• Navigate to My Orders and hover over the dotted line on an order to view your next instalment amount and date or…
• In My Orders select an order. This will display a timeline for payment dates showing the dates when an instalment was paid and when the next instalment amount is due.
As long as you pay off your order as scheduled, you won’t pay any fees, ever! Zip! Zero! Zilch! However, if you miss an instalment, a nominal fee of AED 20 would apply for each delayed payment, with a maximum of two late fees per order. The total late fee is capped at 25% of the total order price or AED 40, whichever is lower. Late fees, if applicable, are always charged with the instalment, instead of as a separate transaction.
We will send you a reminder email before we collect the instalment, which gives you time to manage the payment or select an alternative payment method. In case the automatic payment fails, we will notify you by email and you will have 24 hours to add a valid payment method. If we are unable to collect the instalment after 24 hours due to an invalid payment method, we will then have to apply a late fee of AED 20. If there is another late payment on the same order, a second late fee of AED 20 is charged. Late fees are capped at 25% of the total order price or AED 40, whichever is lower. We don’t like charging any fees as we want Spotii to be completely free for you. We know you don’t like paying late fees either, so if you feel something went wrong, please contact us. In any event, Spotii will hold further purchases and your account will be deactivated until all missed payments are cleared. We do this to ensure responsible use of the platform for everyone.
Once a refund has been processed by the merchant, it will automatically come through us within 3 business days. Once we receive the request, we commit to speedy processing within 1 business day. Thereafter, it will depend on your financial institution. If a refund has been approved by a merchant and the balance is taking too long to update, please contact us at shoppersupport@spotii.me and we will do our best to assist.
  • Error due to incorrect card details – We show the below message in case of card error like expired card, cvv error or insufficient funds. In this case the user should try with another card with sufficient funds.
Rejection due to Incorrect Personal Details - This error comes if a user has more than 1 account with Spotii, in this case they can reach out to us and we will help them.
  • Spotii Risk Rejection
  • In such scenarios our Customer Support team reaches out to the customers and requests for KYC check and ask for additional details like to make a better decision on the order approval
    • Salary Certificate or last 3 months Bank Statement
    • LinkedIn Profile/Occupation and Company Name
    There are a number of ways that a customer can increase their Spotii Score. • Frequent use: Using us more frequently in a responsible manner gets customers a higher Spotii Score
    • Good repayment history: Paying us back on time gets them a higher Spotii Score
    • LinkedIn ID: Upload your LinkedIn ID gets them a higher Spotii Score from here https://www.spotii.com/account/settings/profile or from the Settings section in the Spotii app
    • Passport: Upload a scan of their valid Passport gets them a higher Spotii Score from here - https://www.spotii.com/account/settings/profile or from the Settings section in the Spotii app.
    Salary certificate: Upload a scan of your valid Salary Certificate gets you a higher Spotii Score from here - https://www.spotii.com/account/settings/profile or from the Settings section in the Spotii app
    • National ID: Upload a scan of their valid National ID gets them a higher Spotii Score - https://www.spotii.com/account/settings/profile or from the Settings section in the Spotii app. They can upload this through their consumer dashboard
    The Spotii Score gives your consumers instant access to how much they can spend at any given point. This will ease the process of getting their orders approved. We hope this makes everything much more transparent for them and eases your order flow as well.
    Unable to find satisfactory answers ? Contact Support