Byredo Mixed Emotions Eau de Parfum

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Byredo Mixed Emotions Eau de Parfum encapsulates the complexities of modern life, translating them into a unique olfactory experience.

Designed for the individual who embraces both the highs and lows of their journey, this fragrance is a poetic reflection of our inner turmoil and the beauty that can be found within it.

The scent opens with a striking contradiction - the refreshing crispness of cassis set against the earthy, robust undertones of maté tea.

This opening represents the initial turbulence of emotions, offering a dynamic and intriguing start.

Moving into the heart of Mixed Emotions, the fragrance unfolds with notes of violet leaves, lending a soft, green nuance.

These are artfully juxtaposed with the warmth of black tea, symbolizing comfort and familiarity amidst the chaos of everyday life.

As Byredo Mixed Emotions settles, it reveals a base of birch wood and papyrus. These grounding notes provide depth and stability, suggesting a sense of resilience and strength.

They create a warm, comforting finish that lingers, much like the memories and experiences that shape our lives.

Presented in Byredo’s minimalist and elegant bottle, Mixed Emotions Eau de Parfum is not just a fragrance; it’s an exploration of the human condition.

It's perfect for those who view life as a tapestry of experiences, both bitter and sweet, and who seek a scent that captures the depth of their emotional landscape.

Byredo Mixed Emotions Eau de Parfum is a complex fragrance that opens with the contrasting notes of tart cassis and robust maté tea, creating a unique and dynamic experience. The heart unfolds with the soft, green notes of violet leaves, balanced by the comforting depth of black tea. The composition concludes with a grounding base of birch wood and papyrus, offering warmth and depth to this intriguing and multifaceted scent.

How to Use

On clean skin, spray once or twice on desired areas. Do not rub the fragrance on the skin as this will alter how the fragrance develops.

Where to Spray

Spray it on the pulse points

You'll want to apply your fragrance at the following places on your body: wrists, inner arms, lower belly area, back of knees, and earlobes.

These warm spots on your body emit extra body heat, which helps to naturally diffuse a scent.


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